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RID Patrick D Chisanga

Dear District Governors Elect and District Governors Nominee,


Welcome Aboard our new Journey together.

Congratulations on your new role as leaders who will lead their Districts and Clubs to make a difference in the world!

You are all gathered here to receive your first part of training as Incoming Governors and Governors Nominee - This training is your Corner stone and the first part before the second training part, at the International Assembly at Orlando where you will meet our RI President Nominee Stephanie A. Urchick plus all other RI leaders and all your fellow District Governors of the world !! 

An exciting experience of a lifetime !!

So enjoy your training now and benefit from it - for it will be the base of your skills and success through your exciting journey as District Governors. 

Your Districts need you as strong leaders who can lead Rotarians through their clubs to dream big and use their connections and the power of Rotary to turn these dreams into reality - 

My dears, you have a big role to motivate Your clubs to achieve strong service projects, develop Membership, support our Rotary Foundation and tell your success stories to the world to enhance our image! 

I am so looking forward to working together to serve our communities through Rotary and I am sure we will achieve many successful goals and targets -

So I wish you a very successful training at Zone 21 Rotary Institute in Bucharest till we all meet at IA at Orlando, and please …. always remember the possibilities of change that you can make to transform the World to a better place!

Thank you and best of luck 

Patrick  D Chisanga

RI Director 2022 - 24, Zone 21 & 22

Convener Zone 21 Institute


PRID Katerina Kotsali-Papadimitriou


Dear District Governors Elect,

Dear District Governors Nominee,

A journey full of exciting moments, joy, and enthusiasm, but also in certain cases with obstacles to be overpassed is starting for you.

Being selected as Governor of your District is more than an honorary title. The Governor shall inspire, motivate, and ensure continuity in the district.

You have been selected by your districts because you have proven strong leadership skills and decision-making. During your year in office, clubs will look to you for leadership, support, and motivation as they carry out service projects and participate in Rotary programs.

Through intensive training at the GETS/GNTS, you will be prepared to serve in the office of the district governor.

Moreover, you will get acquainted with the district leaders that will serve at the same time as you and have the opportunity to enjoy great fellowship events in beautiful Limassol.

The training leaders for Zone 21, Christina Covotsou-Patroclou, Yesim Yonay, The General Trainer Mykola Stebljanko,  and the training team are working hard to offer an exciting, thorough orientation including interactive plenary and breakout sessions. The knowledge and the documentation offered will be a resource for you as you can refer to it, to remember the great ideas and best practices that you learned and want to apply in your district during your year as governor.

We strongly encourage you to also attend our Zone 21 Institute, a unique opportunity to enlarge your Rotary horizons and imagine the future of Rotary in our region.


PRID Katerina Kotsali-Papadimitriou

Convener Zone 21 Institute

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