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GETS Team Leader
Daniel Tanase,
Rotary Club Suceava Bucovina

Club President 2006-07

District: Governor 2015-16.

District Trainer 2016-2018; Membership Development Chair 2014-2015; AG 2013-14; Rotary Community Corps (RCC) Chair 2010-13; Rotary Volunteers Chair 2009-10;

Zone: RC 2020-23, ARC 2017-20.

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: D1461 Denmark 2016 & 2018; D1210 UK 2017 & 2018, D2232 Ukraine and Belarus 2021, D2484 Greece.

Recognitions: Service Above Self Award, Major Donor Level 1.

Training: Training Leader – RI International Assembly 2018, GETS Team Leader Limassol 2022, Support Facilitator RLGI 2022, GETS Trainer Prague 2021, General Trainer GETS Athens 2020, GNTS Team Leader Dubrovnik 2019, General Trainer Jordan 2018, Trainer GETS Cluj 2017, Madrid 2016.


GNTS Team Leader
Yesim Yoney
Rotary Club E-club 2440

Club President 2002-2003

District Governor 2010-11,

International Service Chair 2003-2004, DRFC  2006-2009, RFE Team Leader to Sweden 2007-2008, DC org. Chair 2011-2012, Strategic Comm. Chair 2015-2016, District Training Leader 2016-2017, RFE Team Leader to Sri Lanka 2015-2016, Strategic Planning Comm. Chair 2019-2022

Zone: RRFC 2017-2020, ARC 2013-2016;

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: D1430 Finland 2014-2015,

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1, TRF Meritorious Service Award,  TRF Distinguished Service Award,  Service Above Self Award

Training: Training Leader – RI International Assembly 2021&2022

GETS/GNTS Training Leader: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021, Trainer GETS: Cluj 2017, Jordon 2018, Dubrovnik 2019


General Trainer
Christina Covotsou-Patroclou

Rotary Club Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan

Club: President 2002-2003, 2005 -2006

District Governor 2017-18

DG Executive Committee 1998-99, GSE District Chair 1998-99, AG 2009-2012, DC Organizing Committee Chair 2013, Deputy DG for Cyprus 2013-14, District Fundraising Committee Chair 2015-2016, DRFC 2019-2020

Other: Host DG of WASH Presidential Peace Conference Feb 2018,

1977 Founder Interact Cyprus, 1986 Founder Rotaract Cyprus, 1988-89 DRR

Zone: ARC 2013-2016, EPNZC 2019-20, RRFC 2020-23; Chair OC Institute 2022

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: D2490 Israel held in Cyprus 2021

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1

Training: Training Leader RI International Assembly 2020 & 2021; General Trainer Limassol 2022, GETS Team Leader: Prague 2021, Athens 2020, Lead Facilitator: RGLI 2022


Partners' Trainer
Mali Levi
Rotary Club: 

Club: president 2002-03

District: District Governor 2014-15

District Membership Chair 2007-08,  Vice Governor 2019-22, District Trainer 2006-07, 2008-09, 2012-13, GSE Leader with D5730 (Texas) 2009, Assistant Governor 2003-06, District Secretary 2010-11, D2490 RLI Trainer 2020

 Zone: RRFC Region 24, 2018-21, Trainer and moderator of Foundation seminars 2018-21, Zone 21A&21B(part), Convener of Director Nominating Committee  zone 21A, Ambassador of the Empowering Girls initiative  zone 21A 2022- 2023

Other:  RIP Representative in District 2290 Norway 2016, 

Representative of the Council on Legislation Chicago 2019

Recognitions: Major Donor level 1, RIP 2019-2020 - Certificate of appreciation as RRFC,  RIP 2020-2021 - Certificate of appreciation as RRFC, RID Certificate of Excellence  2012-2015 (Membership strategic plan)

Training:  GETS, GNTS &Partners Zone 21 Trainer and Speaker, Limassol 2022, Athens 2020, Dubrovnik 2019 



Club: President 2014-15

District Governor 2018-19,

District Membership Chair 2020-21, Assistant Governor 2016-18,

District New Club Development Chair 2016-17, District Fundraising Subcommittee Chair 2014-15

Zone: Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Region 24 2021-2024,

ARC 2020-21

Recognitions: Major Donor level 1, Paul Harris Society, District Service Award D2241

Trainer GETS: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021

RRFC Darko Tipuric
Rotary Club of Zagreb Medveščak


Club: President 2007-08

District: District Governor 2017-18; 

District Secretary (2481) 2009-10, District Secretary (2483) 2012-13; District Interact Chair 2011-12; Assistant District Governor 2014-15; Vice Governor 2018-19; District Rotary Foundation Chair 2019-20; District Trainer 2022-23.

Zone: RC 2022-25, ARC 2019-22

Other: Rotary CADRE advisor 2022-25 for BASIC education and Literacy

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1; PHF+8; PHS member, District Service Award 2009-10.

Trainer GETS/GNTS: Limassol 2022, Athens 2020

RC Branislav (Bane) Randjelovic
Rotary Club of Nis - Constantine The Great 


Rotary Club Simferopol President 2013-14, Rotary Club Ukraine Charter President 2014-15

District Governor 2019-2020,

District Rotary Public Image Chair 2010-13

Other: Regional ROTARIETS Magazine publisher (since 2009)

Previously: 1996 RAC Simferopol charter member

Zone: RPIC 2021-24, Zone 16 ARPIC 2013-16, ARPIC 2016-19,

Recognitions: 2016 Zone 16 Rotary International Alumni Service to Humanity Award

Trainer GETS: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021

RPIC Mykola Stebljanko

Rotary E-Club of Ukraine


RPIC Nijad K. Al Atassi

Rotary Club of Adliya

Club: President 2000-01.

District Governor 2009-10

New Club Development Chair 2018-19, 2015-17, 2010-12; District Membership Attraction & Engagement 2018-19, Vice Governor (2452) 2014-15; RI Convention Promotion Chair 2012-13; District Secretary 2001-02; District Rotary Fellowship Chair 1999-00; Country Trainer 2004-05

Zone: ARPIC 2017-20; RPIC 2020-23; ARRFC 2015-17; Aide to President-elect Mark Maloney & Gay at Rotary Institute Zone 20B, Jordan 2018

Other: Rotary Extension Representative to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020-22

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 2; Paul Harris Society, RI Recognition Certificate for outstanding efforts in the Four Avenues of Service.

Trainer GETS: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021, Athens 2020, Dubrovnik 2019.


Club Charter President 2007-8

District: DG 2012-2013, ADG 2009-2011, DRFCC 2013-2015

Other: Vice-Chair of Rotary Action Group for Health Professionals        

Zone: RRFC 2015-18; ARRFC 2018-20; EMGA 2020-23

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: D1942 Germany-2014, D1450 Denmark-2017

Recognitions: RI Service Above Self-2019; AKS; Bequest Society (Level 5); PHS, Benefactor

Trainer @ GETS: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021, Athens 2020, Cluj 2017, Madrid 2016, Milan 2015.

E/MGA Herbert Ederer

Rotary Club District 1910 First Austrian Passport


E/MGA Hasan Akbayrak

IRotary Club Istanbul-Findikli

Club: President 2005-06

District: District Governor 2018-19

Member of DISC Committee 2007-08, Assistant Governor 2009-10, 2012-2016, District Secretary 2014-15, ICC Turkey-Japan President 2012-13, District Think Thank Group Chair 2015-16, Member of Rotary Vocational Academy Committee 2015-16, Committee Member for Rotary International Awards 2019-20, District E/MG Subcommittee Chair 2020-21, District Conference Chair 2021-22, District 2420 Rotary Foundation Chair 2021-24.

Zone: EMG/A Zone 21B Part, Region 25

Other: DEI Summits Working Group Member (by RIPN Jennifer Jones), Sergeant-At-Arms at the RI Houston Convention, served as Aide

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 2, Bequest Society Member Level 4, PHS, TRF Citation for Meritorious Service, Avenues of Service Citation, New Member Sponsor Recognition -Silver Backer Pin)

Trainer GETS: Limassol Greece 2022


Janka 1.JPG

Janka Jakabos

RI Staff Team Lead

Advisor CDS – Netherlands, Eastern Europe & Turkey

Janka Jakabos has been working three years as Club and District Support Advisor at Rotary International, Europe-Africa office in Zürich. Her portfolio includes the Netherlands, parts of Eastern Europe, Turkey (including the multidistrict of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the Stan countries), and the undistracted clubs of Afghanistan.  

Janka holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Babes–Bolyai University of Cluj and an MBA from Central European University, Business School. By living and working in several European countries (Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark) she became an internationally experienced advisor with background both from for-profit and non-profit sector. Her fields of expertise are economic development, business, non-profit administration, and consulting. Janka`s mother tongue is Hungarian, and she speaks English and Romanian.

Rosangela 1.JPG

Rosangela Merlino

Major Gifts Officer, Foundation Services at EAO

Rosangela Merlino has served on staff of Rotary International for the past seven years in various roles at Rotary’s Europe-Africa Office in Zürich, Switzerland. She currently is Major Gifts Officer and works with Rotarians in Europe and the Middle East to help develop a fund development strategy for the region.  She works closely with regional Foundation volunteers, Major Donors, and Bequest Society members to promote support for The Rotary Foundation.

 Raised in Italy, Rosangela has lived in Switzerland for around 10 years total, including her time with Rotary.  She holds a master’s degree in History and Italian literature from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Italy and an Executive Master in Marketing and Communication. She spent more than 15 years in non-profit administration and fundraising, having worked for several international non-profit organizations and renowned Foundations in various European countries. Rosangela speaks English, French, German and Italian.

Amanda 1.JPG

Now a proud Rotary member, Amanda started with Rotary as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Argentina. She was then awarded the Rotary World Peace Fellowship, where she earned a master’s degree in Argentina in International Relations. Amanda has worked to advance Rotary initiatives with refugees through American Refugee Committee (now Alight) and augment water project capacity with Haiti Outreach.

Amanda joined Rotary International’s global headquarters in Evanston in September 2019. She serves as Strategic Relationship Manager, building partnerships that reinforce and advance Rotary’s vision statement and the action plan priorities.

Amanda Ottman

Strategic Relationship Manager, Strategy, Enterprise & Engagement at HQ Evanston

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