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GETS Team Leader
Christina Covotsou-Patroclou, Rotary Club Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan

Club: President 2002-2003, 2005 -2006

District 2452 Governor 2017-18

District 2450 Conference OC Chair 2013, Deputy DG for Cyprus 2013-14, District Fundraising Committee Chair 2015-2016, DRFC 2019-2020

Other: Host Governor of WASH Presidential Peace Conference Feb 2018,

1977 Founder Interact Cyprus, 1986 Founder Rotaract Cyprus, 1988-89 DRR

Zone: ARC 2013-2016, EPNZC 2019-20, RRFC 2020-23; Chair OC Zone 21 Limassol Institute 2022

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: District 2490 Israel, District 1913 Croatia

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1 and Benefactor.

Training:        Training Leader RI International Assembly 2020 & 2021;

General Trainer-Limassol 2022, GETS & GNTS Training Team Leader-Prague 2021; GNTS Training Leader-Athens 2020,

Lead Facilitator: Rotary Global Leadership Institute 2022


GNTS Team Leader
Yesim Yoney
Rotary Club E-club 2440

Club President 2002-2003

District Governor 2010-11,

International Service Chair 2003-2004, DRFC  2006-2009, RFE Team Leader to Sweden 2007-2008, DC org. Chair 2011-2012, Strategic Comm. Chair 2015-2016, District Training Leader 2016-2017, RFE Team Leader to Sri Lanka 2015-2016, Strategic Planning Comm. Chair 2019-2022

Zone: RRFC 2017-2020, ARC 2013-2016;

RI President’s Representative to District Conference: D1430 Finland 2014-2015,

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1, TRF Meritorious Service Award,  TRF Distinguished Service Award,  Service Above Self Award

Training: Training Leader – RI International Assembly 2021&2022

GETS/GNTS Training Leader: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021, Trainer GETS: Cluj 2017, Jordon 2018, Dubrovnik 2019


Rotary Club Simferopol President 2013-14, Rotary Club Ukraine Charter President 2014-15

District Governor 2019-2020,

District Rotary Public Image Chair 2010-13

Other: Regional ROTARIETS Magazine publisher (since 2009)

Previously: 1996 RAC Simferopol charter member

Zone: RPIC 2021-24, Zone 16 ARPIC 2013-16, ARPIC 2016-19,

Recognitions: 2016 Zone 16 Rotary International Alumni Service to Humanity Award

Trainer GETS: Training: Training Leader – RI International Assembly 2023 Orlando USA, Limassol 2022, Prague 2021

RPIC Mykola Stebljanko

Rotary E-Club of Ukraine


Partners' Trainer
Mali Levi
Rotary Club: 

Club: president 2002-03

District: District Governor 2014-15

District Membership Chair 2007-08,  Vice Governor 2019-22, District Trainer 2006-07, 2008-09, 2012-13, GSE Leader with D5730 (Texas) 2009, Assistant Governor 2003-06, District Secretary 2010-11, D2490 RLI Trainer 2020

 Zone: RRFC Region 24, 2018-21, Trainer and moderator of Foundation seminars 2018-21, Zone 21A&21B(part), Convener of Director Nominating Committee  zone 21A, Ambassador of the Empowering Girls initiative  zone 21A 2022- 2023

Other:  RIP Representative in District 2290 Norway 2016, 

Representative of the Council on Legislation Chicago 2019

Recognitions: Major Donor level 1, RIP 2019-2020 - Certificate of appreciation as RRFC,  RIP 2020-2021 - Certificate of appreciation as RRFC, RID Certificate of Excellence  2012-2015 (Membership strategic plan)

Training:  GETS, GNTS &Partners Zone 21 Trainer and Speaker, Limassol 2022, Athens 2020, Dubrovnik 2019 



Club: President 2014-15

District Governor 2018-19,

District Membership Chair 2020-21, Assistant Governor 2016-18,

District New Club Development Chair 2016-17, District Fundraising Subcommittee Chair 2014-15

Zone: Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Region 24 2021-2024,

ARC 2020-21

Recognitions: Major Donor level 1, Paul Harris Society, District Service Award D2241

Trainer GETS: Limassol 2022, Prague 2021

RRFC Darko Tipuric
Rotary Club of Zagreb Medveščak


Club: President 2007-08

District: District Governor 2017-18; 

District Secretary (2481) 2009-10, District Secretary (2483) 2012-13; District Interact Chair 2011-12; Assistant District Governor 2014-15; Vice Governor 2018-19; District Rotary Foundation Chair 2019-20; District Trainer 2022-23.

Zone: RC 2022-25, ARC 2019-22

Other: Rotary CADRE advisor 2022-25 for BASIC education and Literacy

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 1; PHF+8; PHS member, District Service Award 2009-10.

Trainer GETS/GNTS: Limassol 2022, Athens 2020

RC Branislav (Bane) Randjelovic
Rotary Club of Nis - Constantine The Great 

Kosmas Choutouriadis.jfif

Chartered member of the R.C. Athinai-Goudi.

Assistant Governor (2008-9, 2010-11) and 2470 District Governor (2013-14)

Founding member of the District Institute for Young People Entrepreneurship

DRFC (2019-23), Member of Nominating Committee for Zone Director 2016 and ARRFC for Greece (2016-19), RRFC Region 25 (2023-26), Co-Chair for Athens Zone Institute 2020, Chair Athens Zone RLTTS 2023, 2470 PHS Chair (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) and CADRE Member from 2015 until today.

Participated: 9 Rotary Zone Institutes and 8 Rotary International Conventions.

Major Donor, PH and PolioPlus Societies for RD 2475.

Recognitions: Rotary Service Above Self Award, TRF Distinguished Service Award, TRF Citation for Meritorious Service, Regional Service Award for a Polio - Free World.

RRFC Kosmas Choutouriadis

Rotary Club .....

Walter Ebner.png

RC Walter Ebner

Rotary Club Gmunden

Member: RC Gmunden since 1987

Club: 2001-02 President, 1994-95 Club master, 1988/89 Secretary

District: 2003-11 Founder and Head of Rotary Academy D1920

2003-07 Assistant Governor

2007-11 District Trainer

2011-16 District Membership Chair

2018-21 Paul Harris Society Coordinator

2019-20 District Governor D1920

2020-23 DISC District International Service Chair

2022-25 ICC National Coordinator Austria

2022+23 District Service Above Self Award

Zone: 2020-23 ARC Assistant Rotary Coordinator R24

2022 Representative of RI President in Ukraine

2022 Speaker at Rotary Institute in Limassol

2023 Trainer for GETS/GNTS in Bucharest

2023 Speaker at Rotary Institute in Bucharest

2023-26 Rotary Coordinator of Region 24 in Zone 21

PHF +8, PHS Member, Benefactor

Altan Arslan.jpg

More information soon.

RPIC Altan Arslan

Rotary Club ....


E/MGA Hasan Akbayrak

IRotary Club Istanbul-Findikli

Club: President 2005-06

District: District Governor 2018-19

Member of DISC Committee 2007-08, Assistant Governor 2009-10, 2012-2016, District Secretary 2014-15, ICC Turkey-Japan President 2012-13, District Think Thank Group Chair 2015-16, Member of Rotary Vocational Academy Committee 2015-16, Committee Member for Rotary International Awards 2019-20, District E/MG Subcommittee Chair 2020-21, District Conference Chair 2021-22, District 2420 Rotary Foundation Chair 2021-24.

Zone: EMG/A Zone 21B Part, Region 25

Other: DEI Summits Working Group Member (by RIPN Jennifer Jones), Sergeant-At-Arms at the RI Houston Convention, served as Aide

Recognitions: Major Donor Level 2, Bequest Society Member Level 4, PHS, TRF Citation for Meritorious Service, Avenues of Service Citation, New Member Sponsor Recognition -Silver Backer Pin)

Trainer GETS: Limassol Greece 2022

Melitta Becker-Unger Rotary (002).jpg

I am member (ID 6538270) of Rotary Club Wien-Donau (Club ID 11924), Rotary District 1910. Since becoming a Rotarian in 2006 (Rotary Club Fürstenfeld), I served as a Club Secretary (2007-08), a President in 2009-10, and in the following years at the District 1910 as Assistant Governor (2012-15) and as District Governor (2019-20). In my year as Governor I established 4 new Rotary Clubs and reached a membership increase of approx. 200 members. In the rot. year of 2019/20 the District 1910 realized 49 projects which the support of the TRF. The Donation of District 1910 to the Rotary Foundation in my year as Governor was more than half a million Dollar (Rotary Certificate of Excellence).
I am a member of the of Paul Harris Society and Benefector, PHF+8

E/MGA Melitta Becker-Unger

Rotary Club Wien-Donau 


EPNC Lorentzos Chazapis

Chartered member of the R.C. Parnitha (Greece), R. Club President (1996-97)

Ass. Governor (2001-2, 2002-3) and 2470 District Governor (2005-06)

District Trainer (2007-10 and 2019-22)

Founding member of the Distr. Inst. for Young People Entrepreneurship

DRFC (2010-13 and 2016-19), District Membership Committee Chair (2010-11)

Member of Nominating Committee for Zone Director (2008 and 2012)

Delegate of RD 2470 to the 2016 Council of Legislation

ARC for Greece (2010-13) and ARRFC for Greece (2014-16 and 2019-20)

EPNC Region 25 (2020-24)

Member of Org. Com. (Athens Regional Membership and TRF Seminar-2007, Thessaloniki Zone Institute, 2016, Athens Zone Institute, 2020)

Co-Chair Athens Zone Institute, 2008, Chair (Athens Z21 P. Image Seminar, 2013); 

Participated: 17 Rotary Zone Institutes and 12 Rotary International Conventions

Major Donor (level 2), Benefactor. Started the PH and PolioPlus Societies, D 2475

Recognitions: Rotary Service Above Self Award, TRF Distinguished Service Award, TRF Citation for Meritorious Service, Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World.

Danijel Jozic.jfif

EPNC Danijel Jozic

End Polio Now Coordinator, Region 24

Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Region 24, 2020-2021

Rotary Institute Dubrovnik 2019 – Vice Chair  

RI Convention 2019 (Hamburg) – PHS Breakout Session - Panelist

RI District 2483, 2018 Training Day, Belgrade - Keynote Speaker 

RI District 2483 – 2018 PETS, Palic, Serbia - Trainer

RI Convention 2015 (Sao Paulo), 2016 (Seoul), 2019 (Hamburg) - Attendee

District Governor 2019-2020

Paul Harris Society Coordinator 2018-2019

District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair 2015-2018

District Grants Subcommittee Chair 2014-2015

Awards and recognitions:

Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

Member of Polio Plus Society

Major Donor                     

Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service

Member of Paul Harris Society

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