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RIDN Daniel Tanase

Dear District Governors Elect and District Governors Nominee,

I welcome you to the Zone 21 Rotary Institute in Bucharest!

Be prepared for an incredible experience while preparing for your unique District Governor role. Our dedicated organizing team is fully committed to providing an exceptional experience for you, merging the elements of hard work and enjoyment throughout the training days. With an outstanding GETS and GNTS training team by your side and your dedication, we are confident in creating a productive and enriching learning environment for you.

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to participate in the Institute. This invaluable opportunity will grant you the privilege of engaging with outstanding leaders, including the esteemed RI President 2023-24, Gordon R. McInally, and his partner, Heather. Their presence and guidance will undoubtedly inspire and empower you on your Rotary journey.

Come together to learn, make new friendships, and cultivate treasured memories that will endure long after the event concludes!

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