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Greetings to my fellow leaders of Zone 21. I would like to extend my felicitations and heartiest congratulations as you commence this very exciting chapter in your Rotary journey as a District Governor.
As a District Governor, your role will call for you to inspire, motivate and encourage the Rotary family in your district as you work closely with the past and future leaders alongside Rotary members in your area of responsibility- you have certainly demonstrated passion, dedication, and leadership skills over the years to arrive at the pinnacle of leadership in your district.
To further enhance your skills, I now encourage you to fully channel your focus and energies towards the training at GETS and GNTS, where world-class trainers await you to help strengthen your knowledge of Rotary as they will share the latest information and the best practices. At this important training, you will have a great opportunity to meet and interact with your fellow leaders from Zone 21- you will have an opportunity to better understand various strategies of strengthening your clubs and making them more effective, efficient, and attractive.
Part of the curriculum will showcase various aspects of the Rotary Foundation, the diverse Rotary programs, more knowledge about Action Groups and various fellowships will also be shared- all in an effort to support you in your year in office as the District Governor. This all-encompassing and comprehensive training will most certainly help to further improve and enhance your leadership skills and deepen your understanding of Rotary and its ever-evolving ideas and all the robust programs- So please do make a point of participating fully in all the training sessions that have been organized especially for you. I truly believe that attendance to this training is critical for your success as District Governor.
Please accept my sincere best wishes for the training and your year in office as District Governor. I look forward to supporting you and working with you.
Geeta Manek
The Rotary Foundation Trustee- 2020-2024


Geeta Manek

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